Louise Treseder is Proprietor of Driftwood Spars, which has an idyllic beachside location at St Agnes on the North Coast of Cornwall.

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Having grown up in a Truro B&B and with experience in hotel management, Louise was quick to spot the potential of this attractive pub, complete with rooms and a micro brewery producing award winning real ales.

It wasn’t producing award winning ales until I took over, it was producing 1 beer which wasn’t consistent or very nice.

Louise says:

Since I took over the pub in 2007, we have been investigating and developing new markets such as weddings and conferences as well as expanding the use of our sea view dining room . The addition of superfast broadband is helping us accelerate our plans as well as enabling us to do things in new ways, improving our productivity and the service we offer to customers.

For example, in May, we are holding the first ever video conferencing link up for the Winemakers Dinner, so our guests can connect with a master winemaker on the other side of the world and hear first -hand about the wines he makes, whilst tasting them and eating food matched with his wines.

We will link via video conferencing with master wine maker Gordon Russell of Esk Valley Wines in New Zealand. Gordon’s image will be projected onto a large screen and our guests will be able to see, hear and speak to him in real time. This is an incredibly exciting first for us, which will make the evening very memorable and is right at the cutting edge of what is possible through superfast broadband technology.

We are planning to make this the first of a series of worldwide video link ups. Next, we plan to investigate a simultaneous link up with micro breweries in Germany, America and Belgium.

Meanwhile, nearer to home, superfast broadband is helping us to streamline the way we run the business every day. We are getting superfast broadband speeds of around 35 Mbps, which is fantastic and saves us a huge amount of time on routine tasks such as emails, online research and uploading photos to our website and our Facebook page. It also means that our online booking system is now instantaneous, whereas previously there was a delay of a few minutes.

No longer do we have to sit staring at the computer shouting ‘Come on!’ Now we have superfast, we can use cloud computing to back up all our data remotely. This is now set up to happen automatically each day, which is a huge improvement on our previous systems and means that all our business critical data is now protected.

We are thrilled that we are also able to provide an improved WiFi service to customers. This has led to increased revenue as more business people/corporate guests stay here now that they can connect to their work servers remotely. Many of our customers now also use the WiFi service to connect to social media sites from their smartphones while they are at the pub. And, of course, with superfast broadband, everyone still gets the same great connection speeds, regardless of how many people are online at the same time.

In future, we plan to make still greater use of superfast broadband technology in our marketing, including making greater use of videos on our website and social media sites to convey the uniqueness of Driftwood Spars.