British Game Week is currently in full swing, with Taste of Game and Game to Eat teaming up to promote the amazing variety of game we enjoy in the UK. With so much game in season right now (you're likely to find locally sourced pheasant, pigeon and venison on our popular Specials Board) it’s the perfect time to try something new.   

As well as being full of flavour and really versatile to cook with, game in general is a good source of iron and tends to be lower in fat than a lot of other meats. When paired with seasonal veg, such as celeriac, kale, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes, and other earthy ingredients like mushrooms and chestnuts, a hearty game dish is the perfect way to warm up on cold autumnal days and long dark wintery nights.  

We are lucky enough to have access to some great game here in St Agnes, and you won’t be surprised to learn that over the years we have experimented and discovered several beers which make perfect partners for it. As with most food and drink matching, you can choose to either complement the flavours of the dish or instead go for something which offers contrast; for example a beer which cuts through the richness of a meat like venison.  As Pete the Brewer says, ‘food matching is in the taste buds of the beholder’.

If you want to complement game we would suggest going for a rich porter, or an old ale like the Driftwood Spars Brewery’s award-winning ‘Alfie’s Revenge.’  Alfie’s has rich fruit cake notes which is perfect for seasonal dishes featuring game. 

Alternatively if you fancy trying a beer to contrast those rich gamey flavours, you could try a Belgium Kriek a lambic sour beer with cherry juice added to take the edge off the sourness. We recommend Boon Kriek, a tart beer which will cut through the richness of the meat and act as a bit of a palate refresher between mouthfuls! Lambics are great with Rabbit and can be used to make a great sauce for le lapin.  If you want to stick with a British beer try a traditional English IPA which are generally robust, but have sweetness from the alcohol and a dryness from the hops.

We source our game from Celtic Fish & Game and Chapman’s Family Butchers in Perranporth – two fantastic local suppliers who help us bring delicious game to the table in our seasonal menus or on our specials board, depending on availability.