Water, water everywhere? 
Possibly not for long …

Despite the fact it’s actually raining while I write this, water is a valuable resource across the world and it is taken for granted and is a very cheap commodity.  It is essential for life.  Currently supplies in the south west are pretty good, but generally across the UK we are abstracting more water from our aquifers than nature replenishes.  While there is enough for us, the future generations are likely to suffer from water poverty.  So, if like me you care about the future generations here are a few things you can do to reduce your impact on our water supplies:

-          Don’t let taps run while cleaning our teeth

-          If your toilet is old purchase a water hippo, they cost a couple of pounds, but will reduce the flow going into a toilet.

-          Turn the water flow into sinks down

-          When you purchase new dishwashers or washing machine, get one with a low water usage.

-          Install water saving heads on your shower

If you run a business you can also make these small changes.  Here at the Driftwood Spars, we’ve installed new water efficient equipment including dish washer, glasswasher, washing machines, toilets & urinals and we’ve reduced out water bills by £1,700 in just 12 months. 

So, as well as doing the right things for future generations it’s also good for our pocket.  Do you need any more reasons to make a change today?